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What are Uganda Safaris? Uganda safari holidays with Deks Safaris & Tours Africa an authentic Uganda tour company for captivating and memorable Uganda safaris at an affordable rate to any desired African safari destinations. Look at how Deks Safaris & Tours Africa is greatly reviewed on TripAdvisor and Trust-pilot.

Top Uganda safaris tour packages or best of Uganda safaris you adventure with reviews and photos. How much does a tour in Uganda cost? With the best Uganda tour company and where to go for an exciting Uganda safaris tour, holidays, and vacations, things you must know before visiting Africa.

Uganda safaris, East Africa tours to the undiscovered safari destinations by yet many travelers, Africa safaris, Uganda safaris, Rwanda safaris, Kenya safaris, Congo safaris, and Tanzania safaris. Deks Africa Safaris & Tours offers favorite African tour activities like wildlife and game adventures, mountain gorilla trekking, primates tours, bird watching adventures, cultural encounters, adventure experiences, nature walking, and game sightseeing safaris.

Gorilla trekking in Uganda and Rwanda, and chimpanzee trekking in Rwanda and Uganda are the two top kinds of trips taken on by many travelers alongside the Big Five wildlife tours in Kenya & Tanzania not forgetting the great wildlife migration in Serengeti and Maasai Mara plains.

The Big five animals mainly are the African Bush Elephants, Lions, Leopards, Buffalos, and Rhinos (Both White and Black). Such magnificent creatures make up many of the wildlife itineraries and are taken as either custom-made or stand-alone both short and long Africa safaris.

East Africa receives all kinds of travelers from across the world who really love to achieve their unforgettable travel dreams. Our Africa tours range from luxury, standard, and budget based on the request of the traveler. We also organize group tours, family vacations, and solo traveler packages for our esteemed clients, indeed, the traveler has a variety of tour packages to choose from for a trip in the jungles of Africa.

Karibu to Deks Safaris & Tours Africa is a tour and travel company that has been in business since 2015 planning different Africa tours. The secret behind our steady progress is our commitment to offering first-hand ideas of all kinds of Africa tour destinations, safari lodges, and safari activities that travelers are looking at. Collectively, Deks Africa Safaris & Tours spends more than 24 hours each day on an Africa tour to ensure you get the best experience in the jungle.

Let’s go Adventure in Our Top and Popular Africa Tours and safari destinations

Even if this is your first Africa tour or your 20th adventure in Africa, Deks Africa Safaris & Tours and safari experts can clearly arrange for you both custom-made and stand-alone Africa safari holidays to make it the adventure of a lifetime every moment.

Deks safaris & Africa tours know that you expect to adventure in these most visited destinations, and hope the guide will be a great starting point for your tour planning. Deks Africa Safaris & Tours is the best Africa and registered Uganda safaris tour operator.

What makes Deks Safaris & Tours Africa the best Uganda safaris tour Operator

Deks Africa Safaris & Tours is the best African and Uganda safaris tour operator with a great reputation in Africa, always recommendable to perfectly customize your desired great expectation on an Africa safari holiday.

We shall derive for you a clearly custom-made Africa safari package to the best desired and many rewarding destinations of the African continent.

As you choose to come and explore Africa, Deks Africa Safaris & Tours says #Welcome to a medley of hidden gems, abundant wildlife conservation areas, numerous primates, a series of birdlife almost seen from each corner, & white and sandy beaches to relay.

Unwind from the hustles and bustles of busy cities on a wilderness captivating adventure by taking a much-deserved vacation holiday arranged by a good African tour operator #Deks Safaris & Tours, Africa.

Knowing the best rewarding times to visit and the capability to tailor-make a client’s desired itinerary much-discussed to details with the traveler makes Deks Safaris & Tours Africa one of the best African safari companies to customize your next vacation holiday.

Uganda Wildlife Safaris
Kenya Safari to Samburu National Park

Why Book a Trip with Deks Africa Safaris & Tours and Travels

We are blessed to be a knowledgeable Uganda safaris tour operator in Africa with a fully flexible reservations team to customize your safari in case you need one. Wondering why you should travel with Deks Africa Safaris & Tours and travel on your next trip to Africa, this is what we have to tell you.

Why Book a Trip with Deks Africa Safaris & Tours and Travels

We are blessed to be a knowledgeable Uganda safaris tour operator in Africa with a fully flexible reservations team to customize your safari in case you need one. Wondering why you should travel with Deks Africa Safaris & Tours and travel on your next trip to Africa, this is what we have to tell you.

#1 We offer accessible Tourism

Travel in Africa safari destinations should be accessible and clearly inclusive of all kinds of travelers. Deks Africa Safaris & Tours makes tourism email accessible by running tours that are inclusive of travelers with special needs. We always do our best to ensure that all kinds of travelers reach their dreams and great expected destinations while in the jungles of Africa.

#2 Our Planning Process is Very Easy

Deks Africa Safaris & Tours website includes all the details for one to contact us. When you get in touch with us, our reservations teacher will be in touch with you all the time from the start to the end to ensure your trip is well planned.

#3 We are emotional about conservation

Conservation is all we can do to keep the beauty of our national parks and any other safari destinations intact, therefore we do everything possible to ensure that the environment is least affected. Deks Africa Safaris & Tours and Travels does this by using fuel-efficient and well-maintained safari vehicles.

#4 Your Details are Private
When you contact us we ensure that your email, contacts, and any other details stay with just us. We will never share any of your personal information with any third party. Never shall we send you spam and if you opt-in to receive emails from us for any updates, you are free to opt-out at any time.

#5 We are African Safari Specialists
We know Africa i.s. Uganda, Rwanda, Congo, Tanzania, and Kenya, we’ve been to the 35 African National Parks/ African Safari Destinations. Our team of specialists has extensive knowledge of what actually is in all of the tourist hot spots in Africa. i.e – Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Congo, Uganda, and Zanzibar

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Visit Deks Africa Safaris & Tour Packages

Picking out an Uganda safaris tour with a recognized African safaris tour operator could become overwhelming due to the fact that there are several holiday safari packages on the continent.

Choosing a well-planned Africa safari is key to creating long-lasting memories and for this authentic reason, we carefully draft packages that are recommendable for any kind of traveler.

Deks Safaris & Tours Africa is fully recommended for tours in Uganda and Africa as a whole, these safari trips can be customized to suit the interests of any traveler, and the price is modified to suit the budget of any travel group upon request.

Congo Gorilla Safari

4 days Bwindi gorilla safari Uganda

The 4 days Bwindi gorilla safari Uganda wildlife adventure to Queen Elizabeth national park is one of the best and well-planned short Uganda safaris that will offer the ultimate adventurous discoveries and moments.

Africa Adventure Holidays

4 Days Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Tour

This 4 Days Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Tour and Akagera Wildlife Safari Rwanda will expose you to activities like Gorilla trekking in Volcanoes national park, savannah game drive in Akagera national park, and Kigali city tour.

Masai Mara Safari Kenya

5 Days Maasai Mara Safari Kenya

This incredible 5 Days Maasai Mara Safari Kenya & Gorilla Trekking Uganda Tour, Big 5 Wildlife in Mara Safari in the two of East African greatest primates and wildlife safari in the world will see you spend three days.

Kenya Wildlife Safaris

10 Days Complete Kenya Safari

You’re 10 Days Complete Kenya Safari begins upon arrival at Nairobi city airport from where you will be met and assisted by our professional tour guide. You will be transferred to Eka Hotel, within a 10 minutes drive from the Jomo Kenyatta.

Chimpanzee Trekking Safari Uganda

11 Days Rwanda Primates tour

This 11 Days Rwanda Primates tour & Uganda Gorilla Safari (Adventures of a lifetime) will wildlife tour Africa give you an experience of some of the prime wildlife encounters in both countries. The two countries host some of the remaining

Murchison Falls National Park

11 Days East Africa Safari covering Kenya

A breathtaking 11 Days East Africa Safari covering Kenya and Tanzania through some of the most famous places in all Africa, Maasai Mara, Serengeti, Ngorongoro, and Amboseli. The incredible Lake Nakuru and Manyara are also included

About Deks Safaris & Tours

Deks Safaris & Tours Africa is a Uganda-based safaris tour operator. We operate with a high passion for taking you through the beautiful nation of Uganda – the Pearl of Africa. A destination that offers you the best jungle adventures in Africa. Deks Safaris & Tours Africa will help you experience East Africa at large with insight from a local tour guide. Deks Safaris & Tours Africa is committed to responsible tourism for conservation and sustainable development. Deks’ ability to create manifest Africa tours lies in the reality that we have ethical local knowledge about East Africa.

Where do we Operate Our Safaris?

We operate and arrange tours inclusive of Kenya toursRwanda safarisTanzania trips, and Congo Tours. Not leaving out Beach holiday safaris to Zanzibar and Mombasa. We as well make all the East Africa destinations feature just in one trip well known as combined tours.

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