Rwanda Discovery Safaris. 10 Reasons Why Safari to Rwanda?

Why Safaris in Rwanda? Originally organized by Deks Safaris & Tours Africa. Rwanda Safari is perfect for tours in Africa, offering independent and tailor-made safari packages to create the best vacation for all types of African travelers. From gorilla mountain safaris in Rwanda to wildlife safaris, bird trekking on Rwanda safaris, chimpanzee tracking, and cultural adventures in Rwanda’s capital Kigali, Deks Safaris & Tours Africa are a Ugandan tour operator and safari to all effects. Rwandan roots and different jungles for adventure. Rwanda is a country of a thousand hills famous for its rare and endangered mountain gorillas. More than 450 close primate cousins ​​roam the bamboo rainforests of the Nyungwe Forest National Park and Volcanic National Park. More than 10 groups of mountain gorillas are available in the bamboo forest of the Volcanoes National Park for Rwandan gorilla safaris.

The 10 Reasons Why many Africa Safari Travelers Take On Rwanda Safaris Tour

  1. To trek some of the Thousand Hills
  2. For kicking the sand on Lake Kivu’s shore
  3. To wander around the locals’ capital.
  4. To be inspired by the country’s renewal
  5. To sway on East Africa’s highest canopy walk
  6. For a taste of (vegetarian) dodo
  7. To spot the Big Five on safaris in Rwanda
  8. For mesmerizing monkey mania
  9. For some fabulous Intore dancing
  10. To get on your bike with Team Rwanda

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Deks Safaris & Tours Africa is a Uganda-based safaris tour operator. We operate with a high passion for taking you through the beautiful nation of Uganda – the Pearl of Africa. A destination that offers you the best jungle adventures in Africa. Deks Safaris & Tours Africa will help you experience East Africa at large with insight from a local tour guide. Deks Safaris & Tours Africa is committed to responsible tourism for conservation and sustainable development. Deks’ ability to create manifest Africa tours lies in the reality that we have ethical local knowledge about East Africa.

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We operate and arrange tours inclusive of Kenya toursRwanda safarisTanzania trips, and Congo Tours. Not leaving out Beach holiday safaris to Zanzibar and Mombasa. We as well make all the East Africa destinations feature just in one trip well known as combined tours.

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The Main Adventurous Reasons for The Rwanda Safaris in 2023 Are: –

1. To trek some of the Thousand Hills

To travel on some of the thousand hills if you are a traveler who prefers two feet on two wheels for hiking in Africa, Rwanda offers fantastic excursions to various hiking destinations in the volcanoes and Nyungwe Forest National Park. Nyungwe Forest National Park has a network of trails of approximately 129km and it takes 4 hours to 4 days to wander. In the process, you can explore many primates such as chimpanzees, manga berries, and Columbus monkeys.

In addition to trekking with gorillas in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park, there is also a mountaineering safari on the various mountains of Rwanda and the highest peak in Rwanda, Mount Kalisimbi, which closes at 4,507 meters above sea level. level. Rwanda’s Mountain Bisoke has a beautiful volcanic lake on top of the mountain, which provides fresh water for hikers, several species of birds, mountain gorillas, and golden monkeys found in the Volcanoes National Park.

What Is Your Adventure on Mountain Safaris in Rwanda?

Gorilla trekking, chimpanzee trekking in the world’s most protected rainforest, Nyungwe Forest National Park, Rwanda bird safari, the search for the golden volcano monkeys, and more.

Where To Go on Safaris Tour Excursion in Rwanda

Deks Africa Tours

Volcanoes National Park

In the heart of central Africa is found the Volcanoes National Park, so high up that you shiver more than you sweat, wrote the eminent primatologist.

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Deks Uganda Tours

Nyungwe Forest National Park

Nyungwe Forest National Park is located in the western Great Rift Valley. Also referred to as Albertine Rift flows West Valley. Nyungwe Forest park stretches.

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Uganda tours

Akagera National Park

Akagera National Park is located in Eastern Rwanda, and it overlooks the savannah plains of Tanzania. This park, is the only protected savannah region.

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Mountain Gorilla Trekking on Safaris in Rwanda

Gorilla trekking in Rwanda takes place only in the Volcanoes National Park. Here you can walk different paths and breed different groups of these powerful primates. Rwandan gorillas are grouped into 10 different families/groups, with each group traveling in groups of 8 at a time.

What is the age limit for gorilla trekking in Rwanda? Persons under the age of 15 are not allowed to hike mountain gorillas in Rwanda. Since gorillas are animals, they are made to avoid problems with bushes.

How much does a gorilla trekking permit cost in Rwanda? For anyone who wants a mountain gorilla safari in Rwanda, a Rwandan gorilla pass costs $ 1,500.

Is Trekking with Gorillas in Uganda Cheaper Than in Rwanda?

Obtaining a mountain gorilla trekking permit in Uganda costs $ 700 for foreigners and $ 250,000 for East African residents. However, getting a gorilla permit in Rwanda costs $ 1,500 for all types of gorilla trekking from foreign travelers to residents. When do gorillas go trekking in Rwanda? When is the best time to go on a mountain gorilla safari in Rwanda? Rwanda gorilla safaris take place all year round as the weather in Rwanda rarely changes.

If you want to go trekking with gorillas in Africa, Rwanda has always been the best choice for luxury travelers, with shorter travel times from cities to volcanic national parks than Uganda, the pearl of Africa.

Rwanda- Deks Africa’s best-selling Gorilla safaris and tours.

Africa Adventure Holidays

5 Days Cheap Wildlife Safari Rwanda

This 5 Days Cheap Wildlife Safari Rwanda Adventures will exposure you to some of the most interesting activities one can explore while on a wildlife safari.

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7 Days Best Rwanda Wildlife Safari

This 7 Days Best Rwanda Wildlife Safari, Chimpanzee tracking, and Gorilla trekking safari (1-week trip) to Rwanda will unveil Rwanda’s Big 5, primates.

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Rwandan Chimpanzee Safari

The Rwanda chimpanzee safaris tour takes place only in Africa’s most protected rainforest, Nyungwe Forest National Park. In addition to the chimpanzee trekking, there are many primates and birds to explore on the trails. Several primates include black and white colobus monkeys, manga bays, and many others. A canopy walks atop a forest about 50 meters high among the trees of Nyungwe Forest National Park is another great adventure when you choose to embark on an adventure in Nyungwe.

The cost to track chimpanzees in the Rwanda safaris tour is $ 90 for foreigners and $ 60 for residents and East Africans who want to track primates near the Nyungwe Forest area.

Are Chimps Easier to Spot in Rwanda Than in Uganda?

Chimpanzee tracking in Uganda offers the best jungle experience compared to Rwanda and the rest of the world. Uganda has the largest population of chimpanzees in Kibale Forest National Park, the primate capital of the world.

The experience of tracking chimpanzees on a Uganda safari is considered more expensive in Uganda as it is much better than in Rwanda. Getting a permit to track chimpanzees in Uganda costs $ 250 for foreigners and $ 150 for foreign residents of East Africa and Ugx only. There are 150,000 Ugandans and East Africans

Best Selling Chimpanzee Tracking Safaris in Rwanda – Deks Africa Safaris & Tours

5 Days Luxury Uganda Tour

3 Days Wildlife Safari Rwanda for primates

3 Days Wildlife Safari Rwanda for primates’ tour Rwanda, & Chimpanzee Tour encompasses a tour to Akagera National Park with the focal interest on.

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5 Days Cheap Wildlife Safari Rwanda

This 5 Days Cheap Wildlife Safari Rwanda Adventures will expose you to some of the most interesting activities one can explore while on a wildlife safari.

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Birdwatching in Rwanda Safaris Tour

Rwanda’s mountain trails are filled with bird species that you will encounter along the way. Bird watching on a Rwanda safari is another great adventure for bird lovers. Rwanda is a land of a thousand hills and offers spectacular views of different forests and hills where you can embark on an adventure with different bird species in the different jungles of Rwanda. Nyungwe Forest is the most protected forest in Rwanda and is home to many bird species.

Is Bird Safaris in Rwanda Better Than in Uganda?

Uganda has the most bird species in Africa and is fifth in the world. Uganda has many African birding offerings, also known as bird sanctuaries. All Uganda national parks visited during the Uganda safari are home to a wide variety of birds. This makes Uganda a better birding destination in Africa. Deks Safaris & Tours Africa’s thrilling birdwatching Safari in Rwanda.

Exciting Bird Watching Safaris in Rwanda by Deks Africa Safaris & Tours

Uganda Wildlife Safaris

3-Day Akagera Wildlife Safari Rwanda

3 Days Akagera Wildlife Safari Rwanda comes along with a game drive experience through the game park that gives any enthusiastic traveler chance.

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3 Days Wildlife Safari Rwanda

3 Days Wildlife Safari Rwanda for primates’ tour Rwanda, &Chimpanzee Tour encompasses a tour to Akagera National Park with the focal interest on the.

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7 Days Best Rwanda Wildlife Safari

This 7 Days Best Rwanda Wildlife Safari, Chimpanzee tracking, and Gorilla trekking safari (1-week trip) to Rwanda will unveil Rwanda’s Big 5, primates.

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Kigali City Day Tour

This full-day Kigali city tour introduces you to the great capital of Rwanda, the commercial center of the country. Kigali is one of the cleanest cities in Africa and has a big impact on attracting both foreign and local visitors every year. Booking a day trip to Kigali allows you to explore Rwanda’s incredible historical and cultural sites. The most visited site is the Genocide History Memorial Center. Visitors will have an exciting experience after seeing more than a thousand graves of victims of the genocide!

  • Visit the Rwandan Genocide Memorial Center.
  • Participation in traditional Rwandan dance
  • Visit the Muslim district of Nyami Lambo

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Kigali City Safaris Tour Rwanda

2. Kick the Sand on The Shores of Lake Kivu

The answer to lovers of Rwanda’s landlocked beaches is the shores of Lake Kivu, the sixth largest lake in Africa and the largest body of water in Rwanda. Lake Kivu stretches for more than 90km and stretches along the border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo, with beautiful reflections of the mountains, a mixture of bright green crops, and clay-colored soils. Karongi is a lakeside city (the most beautiful city). From here you can take a boat to Napoleon Island to see fruit bats, or head to Lubabo to find great water spots and beach bars.

3. To Avoid the Capital of The Locals.

Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, is beautiful with glittering shopping malls, trendy cafes, and glittering office buildings. To experience the real African atmosphere, join the local Marie Amy Omogeni women’s center to visit Nyamirambo, the oldest and most lively district in the city, visit markets and shops and taste local food. It supports the center’s activities in the field of education and empowerment.

4. Inspired by The Renewal of The Earth

In addition to gorillas, safaris tour in Rwanda is also known for the horrific genocide that devastated the country in 1994, when nearly a million people, mostly Tutsis, were killed by the majority of Hutus. There is little ethnic division today.

Everyone is Rwanda, and the elegance and indomitable spirit of those who have overcome this tragedy are amazing. Visit the Kigali Slaughter Memorial Hall in the capital and learn the story behind the horror. It is a surprisingly peaceful paradise with a sweetly scented rose garden that represents unity and reconciliation.

5. To Swing on The Best Passage in East Africa

The incredible Igishigishigi Trail in Nyungwe Forest National Park features the Winka Overlook, a suspension bridge that winds 50 meters above the rainforest. If you dare to look down, you will only see the trees that filter like giant cauliflowers and the fantastic ferns that are named after the paths. All you can hear is the chirping of birds, waterfalls in the distance, and the occasional squeaky monkey in the forest below.

6. (Vegetarian) Dodo Taste

Traditional Rwandan cuisine is less adventurous. Meat (especially goats) is usually served in the form of skewers, fish are often sardines or small tilapias, and the staple food is ugali, a porridge-like paste made from cassava flour. But vegetarians can always enjoy it. Try Mateoku (stir-fried green banana), Ibihaza (stir-fried beans and squash), roasted potatoes, vegetable stew, and garlic spinach-style dish with lots of peanuts and chili.

7. How to Discover the Big Five on Safaris in Rwanda

Rwanda Wildlife Safaris tour Adventures to Akagera National Park are one of the most exciting safari adventures in Africa. Akagera National Park is Africa’s most beautiful national park and has a lot to offer African travelers. The great spotted woodpecker wildlife, managed by African Parks since 2010, is now thriving. Elephants, buffaloes, giraffes, and many antelopes are easy to spot, but lions (they moved here in 2015) and leopards are more difficult.

Rhinos will soon be introduced, with a reserve of 1,120 square miles as the Big Five destination. The great spotted woodpecker, one of the most beautiful national parks in Africa, is worth a visit regardless of the wildlife. There are lakes, sedge wetlands, vast savannah plains, and rolling plateaus of green and gold. Amaze monkey lovers.

8. Rwanda Is a Paradise for Primates.

Thirteen extraordinary species live in the Nyungwe Forest alone. Next comes Manga Bay of Colobines Monkey with gray cheeks that look like old hippies with long legs and white beards. Chimpanzees hunt and leave their nest in the Cyamudongo forest. With its red-gold shoreline and wonderfully expressive faces, the cutest and most playful golden monkey roams the bamboo forest of the Volcanic National Park. For a great Intore dance

9. Traditional Rwandan Dance Is Fun.

Historically, they were introduced to the Mwami (king) of Rwanda and told the story of a warrior who successfully returned from battle. When a dancer jumps on drum and sings, the ground is positively touched with passion and energy.

The women wear traditional colorful clothing and look modest, while the men wear tall white grass headdresses that flutter desperately when they toss their heads. See wonderful exhibits at the Nyanza Royal Palace Museum or the SACOLA Cultural Center in Kiniji.

10. How to Ride a Bike in Team Rwanda?

Avid cyclists will appreciate this rare opportunity to race with members of the Rwandan national team. Take a half-day training tour from the Musanze base, learn how to do it, and experience different terrains along the way using a high-quality road bike or mountain bike. You can also take a guided tour with your team members for several days. But you have to be healthy – Rwanda is known as the land of a thousand hills for a reason …

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