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Decades ago, intrepid Tanzanian safari travelers paid large sums of money to little airplane pilots who risked their adventurous lives by leaping from a tree a few feet off the ground to secure an unobstructed view of Wildlife in the Serengeti Plains. Today you can have better views, sail, sail safely and serenely in a basket, bob calmly and unhurriedly across the grasslands, only your shadow brushing over herds of graceful antelope, thundering migratory wildebeest and breathtakingly lush zebras, some stalking. from territorial predators such as lions, cheetahs, and scavengers, from ground hyenas to bird vultures as they traverse the endless savannah. A hot air balloon safaris tour ride in Tanzania is a luxurious option but a little unpredictable as you have to put up with where the wind takes you. Your pilot is skilled and experienced in his daily flights, but unable to control the wind, each bird flight is new and different, revealing different aspects of nature from new perspectives each time.

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Adventure Great Wildebeest Migration in Hot-air Balloon Safaris in Tanzania

A wildlife tour from Deks Safaris in Tanzania offers balloon safaris tour rides over the Seronera Valley in the Central Serengeti, where wildlife congregates year-round alongside permanent water sources. Over the Grumeti and Mara Rivers in the western and northern Serengeti respectively, you can have spectacular sightings of dramatic crossings during the Great Wildebeest Migration, with giant crocodiles pursuing hundreds of thousands of terrified wildebeest braving the turbulent waters. From January to February, 8,000 calves are born every day for three weeks in the Ndutu, Masek, and Kusini plains of the southern Serengeti. A balloon overview offers much better access than an African game viewing safari in a 4WD vehicle.

Tanzania Balloon Safaris

Tanzania Hot Air Balloon Safaris

Ride the Tarangire in a balloon and follow the silver meanders of the Tarangire River as the sun rises over the horizon, herds of elephants gather, and the huge baobabs dotting the plain confuse your vision until you get closer and realize how huge is the pachyderm can be found among the huge monolithic trees. In the distance, the blue outline of Africa’s Great Rift Valley Escarpment adds to the sense of unreality, while massive termite mounds cast incredibly long, dark shadows across the ground, sometimes obscuring the presence of a family of mongooses.

In the air, the eagle of Verreaux may hover overhead and calmly survey these invaders into its realm, or flocks of brightly painted weavers and sunbirds may be disturbed lower on the ground. To highlight the boutique luxury of such Tarangire and Serengeti air travel, you will be regaled with a generous champagne breakfast to re-energize the astonishment of your return to earth.

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