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Deks Africa Safaris & Tours is a Uganda-based tour operator that unleashes Africa safaris travelers the best Africa safari packages to the top most popular destinations in various customized trips that embrace every caliber of a traveler, be it a local traveler or a foreign traveler.

We answer a series of questions that different travelers keep asking before taking on an Africa safaris tour. Such questions may include; Why Africa Safaris? When to Tour in Africa? Where to Safari in Africa? Best time to visit Africa? And many more.

Deks Africa Safaris & Tours offers the best Africa tours and Africa safari holidays that’s why we are the credited Uganda tour Operator in East Africa.

A visit to Africa will get you enjoying the great wildlife migration which only occurs in the plains of Maasai Mara national reserve (Kenya) and Serengeti National park in Tanzania in the whole world.

Mountain gorilla trekking escapades in Uganda, Rwanda, and Eastern Congo borders majorly in the well-known Virunga Massif (comprising of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest & Mgahinga Gorilla national park in Uganda, Volcanoes national park of Rwanda, and Virunga National park of Congo).

The extensive primates in Africa starting from the human close primates – Chimpanzees with the highest number in Uganda – Kibale forest national park (The primate capital of the World) make Africa Majorly East Africa the Icon of nature adventure in the world.


East Africa is an area lying in the tropics, it has the highest mountains in Africa, Mt Kilimanjaro being the highest followed by Mt Rwenzori in Uganda. These two mountains experience winter throughout the year given that they are snow-capped. This gives mountain climbers great experience while on Africa safaris tours.

East Africa offers the best Africa wildlife safaris due to the extensive wildlife with even the rare species to spot elsewhere in the world – the Great wildlife migration in Kenya and Tanzania. And the endangered mountain gorillas in Uganda, Rwanda, and Eastern Congo.

Deks Africa Safaris & Tours the Uganda’s leading tour operator is dedicated to offering the most unforgettable and memorable Africa safaris tour experiences with both customized and tailor-made Africa wildlife safaris, gorilla trekking safaris, primates tours, mountain climbing tours, and family holiday safaris.

Book a trip with Deks tours for the best Africa safaris tour memories on Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar, and Eastern Congo.

Let Deks Africa Safaris & Tours Take you to the Heart Beat of Africa – Best Destinations in Africa

We know that you expect to adventure in these most visited destinations, and hope the guide will be a great starting point for your tour planning.

Check out the best destinations in Africa of Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Zanzibar where you experience nature in adventure.

wildlife migration Safaris in Kenya

Magical Kenya

Kenya is one of Africa’s most distinct and stunning locations, and your travels with Deks Africa Safaris & Tours take you to the country’s finest destinations.

Uganda Gorilla Safaris

Uganda, The Pearl of Africa

Uganda is one blessed country with a number of interesting features that will water you down making you willing to come again and again for an Africa Adventure Tour

wildlife migration Safaris in Kenya

Tanzania, The Unsurpassed Africa

Tanzania is one of Africa’s top Unforgettable Safari Destinations. Ultimate Tanzania Safaris Tours. The wildlife viewing is out of this world

Nyungwe Forest National Park

Rwanda, Land of a Thousand Hills

Rwanda the land of a thousand hills renowned for its rare critically endangered mountain gorillas in Volcanoes national park which is rightly so.

About Deks Africa Safaris & Tours Ltd

Deks Africa Safaris & Tours Ltd is a Uganda-based safaris tour operator with high agony and pleasure of showing you through the beautiful nation Uganda – the Pearl of Africa.

A destination that offers you the best jungle adventures in Africa. Deks Africa Safaris & Tours will help you experience Uganda and East Africa at large with insight from a local tour guide.

Deks Africa Safaris & Tours is committed to responsible tourism for conservation and sustainable development. Deks’ ability to create manifest Uganda tours lies in the reality that we have ethical local knowledge about Uganda the Pearl of Africa, when to visit Uganda the pearl of Africa and how to plan a perfect safari.

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Africa Safaris
Mountain Gorilla Trekking in Uganda

What Our Clients Say About Deks Tours Service

Joel malinzi
Joel malinzi
Splendid, interesting, bombastic and above all your high level of professionalism will always attract us back . It was a pleasant moment with you and the trip was really interesting, the treatment you rendered to me and my colleagues satisfied our expectations and this simply defines the reason for us to work with you another time. Greetings Joel
Kimwera D
Kimwera D
gorilla trek experience in Uganda - 4 Days I went to a trip in Bwindi forest with my family to trek gorillas, this guide Peter from Deks Africa safaris really made our trip excellent. it was a 4-day gorilla trek in Bwindi Uganda and i will come back again for more. I strongly recommend Deks Africa safaris for any traveler like me to Uganda. thank you Peter, thank you Deks Africa
Acacia Safaris Limited
Acacia Safaris Limited
Great Migration in Maasai Mara Kenya 4 days I and my family traveled to Kenya last month - September to see wildlife migration, and this tour guide Deus from Deks Tours really gave us an amazing experience on the whole Journey. from the booking of the trip to traveling to Maasai mara, Deus was always stepped by step with us. Thank you, Deus and I really recommend Deks Tours and travels for any other travelers to Africa.

Most Popular Kenya Safaris Tour Adventures in 2022/23 | Adventure in Magical Kenya with Deks Africa Safaris & Tours Uganda

The intrigue and adventure of Kenya reach back into the birth of mankind, stretches along miles of white sand beaches, and journeys into dense forests and divergent deserts. Iconic landmarks such as Mount Kenya stand above the Savannah plains and tropical woodlands while its intricate waterfalls lie nestled within the montane foothills.

Cool breezes drift across the Indian Ocean to refresh your soul in the country’s many coastal towns and islands. From her highest peaks to her deepest ocean depths, Kenya gives you an African dream trip of a lifetime!

wildlife migration Safaris in Kenya

5 Days Maasai Mara Safari Kenya

This incredible 5 Days Maasai Mara Safari Kenya & Gorilla Trekking Uganda Tour, Big 5 Wildlife in Mara Safari

View Details

Private Kenya Safari Holiday

5 Days Mount Kenya Safari

The 5 Days Mount Kenya Safari to Mountain Kenya national park exposes you to the adventure of the Africa

View Details

Lake Naivasha National Park

7 days Kenyan Safari

Take a step out of the track for 7 days Kenyan Safari. Go for 2 nights in the Samburu and prepare yourself

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Uganda Wildlife Safaris

10 Days Complete Kenya Safari

You’re 10 Days Complete Kenya Safari begins upon arrival at Nairobi city airport from where you will be met…

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Popular and Affordable Rwanda Safaris Tour packages | Best Selling Rwanda Safari Adventures in 2022/23

Ranging from mountain gorilla trekking safaris in Rwanda, to Wildlife Adventure safaris, birding, Chimpanzee tracking in Rwanda safaris, to cultural adventures in the Kigali city the capital of Rwanda, Deks Africa Safaris & Tours Uganda safari company is the authentic Uganda safaris & Tour operator that can take you to the roots and different Jungles of Rwanda for an Adventure.

Africa Safaris

3 Days Wildlife Safari Rwanda Adventure

The 3 Days Wildlife Safari Rwanda Primates Tour to Akagera National Park (Big Five wild Rwanda Safaris) and Nyungwe Rain Forest National Park (Chimpanzee Trekking Rwanda Tour).

View Details

Africa Safaris

4 Days Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Tour

This 4 Days Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Tour and Akagera Wildlife Safari Rwanda will expose you to activities like Gorilla trekking in Volcanoes national park, Savannah game drive in Akagera Park

View Details

Africa Safaris

5 Days Cheap Wildlife Safari Rwanda

This 5 Days Cheap Wildlife Safari Rwanda Adventures will exposure you to some of the most interesting activities one can explore while on a wildlife safari. This covers game viewing, birding, nature walks.

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Wildlife Safaris in Africa

7 Days Best Rwanda Wildlife Safari

This 7 Days Best Rwanda Wildlife Safari, Chimpanzee tracking, and Gorilla trekking safari (1-week trip) to Rwanda will unveil Rwanda’s Big 5, primates like chimpanzees, gorillas and monkeys.

View Details

Best Selling Uganda Safari Packages in 2022/23 – Book Our Popular Uganda Safaris Tour Packages

Here are the major safari attractions in Uganda which has made it the Pearl of Africa for many travelers to yearn to have amazing captivating wildlife Tours in Uganda and Gorilla trekking Tours to Uganda.

For travelers looking for the best Africa safari holiday destinations, Uganda should be the best choice off, because it offers a variety of safari attractions in Uganda ranging from wildlife, mountain gorilla trekking, chimpanzee tracking, bird watching, to the different cultural groups living in harmony.

Long Uganda Gorilla Safaris

10 days best of Uganda safari

The 10 days best of Uganda safari expedition offers you remarkable wildlife and primate experience. This best Uganda safari

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Long Uganda Wildlife Safaris

10 Days Uganda Safari

10 Days Uganda Safari (Wildlife & Gorilla Trekking) tour in Bwindi and Chimpanzees Tracking in Kibale Forest National Park.

View Details

Africa Safaris

10 Days Mount Rwenzori Safari

This 10 Days Mountain Rwenzori Hiking Safari Uganda Wildlife Tour will lead you to a number of interesting places.

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Africa Safaris

15 Days Ultimate Wildlife Safari

15 Days Ultimate Wildlife Safari to Great Kenya and Uganda – 15 Days and 14 Nights Great Kenya to Uganda Gorilla Trekking.

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Unforgettable Tanzania Safaris Tour Packages – Deks Africa Tours

Ultimate Tanzania Safaris Tour Holidays. 20 Best Unforgettable Tanzania Safaris Tours Packages at affordable Prices to Tanzania Safaris Parks: Serengeti with Best Tanzania Safari Company

Best Unforgettable Tanzania Safaris Tours/Private Guided Tanzania Safaris, Costs on Budget and Luxury Tanzania Tour Packages to Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Manyara National Parks.

Kenya Safari - Samburu National Reserve

3 Days Tanzania safari

This 3 Days Tanzania safari Ngorongoro Crater conservation area and Lake Mara national park Africa Tour.

View Details.

Masai Mara Safari Kenya

4 Days Luxury Tanzania Safari

4 Days Luxury Tanzania Wildlife Safari Holiday: Tarangire wildlife safari Tanzania, Serengeti Great Wildebeests Migration.

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Mount Kenya Big Five Safari Kenya

7 Days Wildlife Tanzania Safari

This 7 Days Wildlife Exclusive Adventure Tanzania Safari, Great Wildlife Migration Tanzania, Tanzania Wildlife Safari.

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