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Embark on the ultimate Tanzania safari with Deks Safaris & Tours, where every moment is crafted to deliver unparalleled experiences and create lasting memories. Our Tanzania safari trips offer a diverse range of adventures, from thrilling wildlife encounters to the serenity of secluded beaches. Explore the wonders of Tanzania’s landscapes, coastline, and islands with our expert guides, ensuring an unforgettable safari holiday.

Discover the heart of untamed wilderness with our Tanzania safari holidays, where spotting and observing amazing wildlife is the primary theme. Tailored to your dreams, our experienced team ensures a personalized journey, whether you desire the iconic scenes of the Serengeti Plains, the Great Migration, or the cultural richness of indigenous communities like the Maasai. Deks Safaris & Tours is your gateway to a safari experience that goes beyond expectations.

Indulge in the perfect blend of jungle and beach safaris in Tanzania, seamlessly curated to your preferences. Whether you’re drawn to the excitement of deep-sea fishing, the tranquility of seaside holidays, or the thrill of witnessing baby turtles hatching on silvery shores, our Tanzania safari trips encompass a spectrum of outdoor activities. Contact Deks Safaris & Tours for an expertly crafted fusion of luxury and adventure in Tanzania.

Compare the Best Deals in Tanzania Safari Packages

Compare the Best Deals in Tanzania Safari Packages

Immerse yourself in the myriad delights of a Tanzania safari tour vacation, where options for activities and destinations are as abundant as the diverse landscapes. From jungle treks and horseback tours to mountain bike adventures, every return to Tanzania promises new wonders and unforgettable moments. Let our team guide you through the treasures of this enchanting destination, ensuring each visit is more captivating than the last.

Experience the allure of the Great Rift Valley, paddle among pink flamingos on the Momella Lakes, and follow the migration in the Serengeti. Engage in nature walks, sleep under the African moon, and encounter the fascinating wildlife of Tanzania. Deks Safaris & Tours ensures your safari transcends expectations, delivering an intimate connection with nature’s wonders.

For the epitome of luxury safaris tour vacations, indulge in the secluded boutique accommodations of private concessions. Whether it’s the lavish offerings of Grumeti Reserves or the nostalgic charm of a colonial camping expedition, our Tanzania safari experiences redefine opulence. Trust Deks Safaris & Tours to orchestrate a safari journey where every detail is carefully crafted, ensuring an extraordinary and unmatched adventure in Tanzania.

Ultimate Tanzania Safari Trips Experiences | Tanzania Safari Holidays | Deks Safaris & Tours

Embarking on a Tanzania safari is an exhilarating journey into the heart of untamed landscapes, where the primary focus revolves around encountering and observing the mesmerizing wildlife that graces the region. For an unforgettable tour in Tanzania that aligns perfectly with your aspirations, look no further than Deks Safaris & Tours. This seasoned safari company ensures a bespoke experience tailored to your dreams.

Accompanied by a highly qualified guide, navigate the wilderness in a specialized 4×4 game viewing vehicle, venturing towards the wildlife spectacles that captivate your imagination. Whether it’s the sweeping Serengeti Plains, where the Great Migration unfolds with over a million wildebeest, antelope, and zebra, or treks through the forests of Gombe and Mahale to observe chimpanzees, Deks Safaris & Tours brings your Tanzania safari dreams to life.

Wildlife Adventure in Tarangire National Park

Opting for a safari adventure in Tanzania, specifically Tarangire, opens doors to witnessing massive herds of elephants and tracking the renowned tree-climbing lions of Manyara. The options are diverse, allowing you to explore inland attractions on a personalized and private vacation.

Sail and fish along the Rufiji River in Selous, partake in an exclusive guided Tanzania safaris tour, engage in hiking and fly camping in eco-friendly tents, or indulge in the epitome of luxury at colonial-style tented camps, lodges, or state-of-the-art private villas. Regardless of your budget or preferences, Deks Safaris stands ready with the expertise and passion to bring your wildest Tanzania tour fantasies to fruition.

Where to Safari in Tanzania? Where to go for Tanzania Safaris Tour Holidays?

Embarking on an adventure Tanzania safari tour holiday opens the door to a myriad of thrilling experiences. Whether you aspire to conquer the peaks of Mount Kilimanjaro or Mount Meru, engage in horseback riding, or immerse yourself in the life of the Hadzabe indigenous people at Lake Eyasi, Deks Safaris & Tours is your gateway to a personalized and enriching journey.

Discover the history and culture of the Hadzabe, explore sacred sites adorned with beautiful cave paintings, participate in Maasai dances and ceremonies, and witness the exquisite craftsmanship of the Swahili Coast’s people. Tailored African Vacations cater to special interest groups, offering photo safaris coupled with personal training in techniques for capturing the mesmerizing wildlife, flora, and geology of Tanzania, from the shorebirds of Ruaha to the formidable crocodiles and hippos of Katavi.

Embarking on the North, East, South, and West Loops during your Tanzania safari will unveil a treasure trove of natural wonders, showcasing hundreds of spectacular bird species, ranging from riverside ostriches to prairie ostriches and kori bustards to vibrant sunbirds and weavers.

In Selous, leopards, cheetahs, rhinos, and other endangered mammals like African wild dogs roam freely, offering an awe-inspiring backdrop for game drives through the pristine African wilderness. Families seeking unforgettable bonding experiences will discover wonderful safari spots throughout Tanzania.

Tanzania Safari 2024: The Ultimate Guide to Tanzania Tours

Immerse yourself in the rich cultural tapestry of Tanzania during your safari, with opportunities to learn Maa or Swahili language and songs. Engage in traditional activities such as playing the Bao, crafting a bow and arrow with a Maasai warrior, mastering tracking techniques, or exploring the homes of prehistoric people at Laetoli and the Olduvai Gorge.

For a truly dreamlike wedding experience, consider exchanging vows on a tour in Tanzania. Choose from a selection of secluded beach houses for honeymooners on Saadani or Rubondo Lake Victoria, or opt for the romantic allure of tree houses on stunning Lake Manyara or amidst the iconic baobabs of Tarangire. A rococo castle overlooking Ngorongoro Crater or a hot air balloon ride over the vast plains with a champagne breakfast adds to the array of enchanting options.

Visit Ngorongoro Crater


Ngorongoro stands out as a stunning Tanzania safari destination, boasting the magnificent Central Magadi Salt Flat and a diverse array of wildlife. Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it holds the distinction of being the largest intact caldera globally, offering a safe haven even for the rare black rhino.

For those seeking secluded private getaways, Lake Tanganyika beckons with islands like Lupita, accessible by plane and boat, and featuring over 250 species of colorful cichlids. Meanwhile, the Indian Ocean on the east coast invites beach holidays and snorkeling adventures around the coral reefs near Pemba.

Mafia, Fanjove and Zanzibar

Indulging in deep-sea fishing for marlin, yellowfin tuna, sailfish, barracuda, and wahoo adds an exciting dimension to your Tanzania safaris tour experience. Along the soft, silvery shores of Tanzania’s coastline and islands, a seaside holiday becomes a mesmerizing adventure. Here, you may witness the enchanting spectacle of baby turtles hatching by the dozen and making their spirited journey into the open sea, creating unforgettable moments during your Tanzania safari.

For those torn between the allure of a beach retreat and the untamed beauty of a wilderness safari, the choice between luxury or simplicity, cultural immersion or daring escapades, and activities such as game viewing, bird watching, fly camping, horseback riding, biking, walking, sailing, or flying, seems endless. Deks Safaris stands ready to curate the perfect blend of jungle and beach safaris in Tanzania tailored precisely to your preferences. Your Tanzania safari will be a harmonious fusion of diverse experiences.

Fanjove Private Island | Mainland Coast, Tanzania Safari

The wealth of options for activities and destinations ensures that your Tanzania safaris tour vacation remains an irresistible draw. Whether it’s a jungle trek, a horseback or mountain bike tour through the magnificent countryside, or an opportunity to intimately engage with the delightful wildlife of the Great Rift Valley traversing East Africa, the allure is boundless. Each return to Tanzania promises new delights and the chance to explore more facets of this captivating destination.

Navigate the green waters of Momella Lakes on the slopes of Mount Meru in Arusha National Park as you leisurely paddle a canoe, surrounded by the grace of pink flamingos. Chase the migration in the Serengeti or embark on a nature walk guided by a local expert, culminating in sleeping under the African moon with only a mosquito net separating you from the nocturnal wonders like the peculiar porcupine, the wide-eyed baby, or the prehistoric anteater. Your Tanzania safari promises intimate encounters with nature’s wonders.

Luxury Safari Tours & Vacations In Tanzania

The epitome of luxury safaris tour vacations in Tanzania unfolds in the secluded boutique accommodations of private concessions. Consider the opulence of Grumeti Reserves, where every desire is indulged to perfection. Alternatively, step back in time into the immersive ambiance of a colonial camping expedition, complete with nostalgic touches like an old-school bucket shower, a personal butler, and a sumptuous campfire dinner beneath a glittering starry sky. Your Tanzania safari in these exclusive settings is a journey into refined elegance and unmatched serenity.

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