The 8 Top Best Burundi Safaris & Tours (Offered by Deks Tours)

Embark on an extraordinary Burundi Safaris Tour and discover the captivating highlights that make this African destination truly unique. Among the top attractions is the opportunity to ascend the country’s hills, partake in nature walks within the enchanting Kibira forests, bask in the serenity of the sand beaches along Lake Tanganyika in the lowlands of Bujumbura, and immerse yourself in the rhythmic performances of the Burundian drummers, known as Abatimbo, a cherished element of Burundi’s rich cultural heritage.

A Burundi Safaris tour is a distinctive experience, challenging common misconceptions about travel to the Republic of Burundi. Concerns about visas, transportation, and accommodation booking are efficiently addressed, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable journey. Burundi Safaris Tour, curated by Vacation Safaris, offer a unique extension to trips that may have originated in Uganda, Rwanda, or the Democratic Republic of the Congo, following encounters with Mountain Gorillas in Virunga or Eastern lowland gorillas in Kahuzi Biega.

Burundi Safaris & Tours from Bujumbura with Photos and Videos

Karera Waterfalls

14 Days Burundi Rwanda Uganda Safari

Embark on an extraordinary 14 Days Burundi Rwanda Uganda Safari expedition through the captivating landscapes of Burundi, Rwanda, and Uganda.

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11 Days Burundi Rwanda Congo Safari

11 Days Burundi Rwanda Congo Safari

Experience the ultimate East African adventure with the 11 Days Burundi, Rwanda, Congo Safari, a carefully crafted itinerary that invites you.

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Rusizi National Park

7 Days Best of Burundi Safari

The 7 Days Best of Burundi Safari promises an immersive journey through diverse and captivating landscapes, offering an array of enriching experiences.

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5 Days Burundi Royal Drummers Tour

5 Days Bujumbura Burundi Exploration Tour

The commencement of the 5 Days Burundi Tour to Bujumbura Exploration safari begins with your arrival in Bujumbura. Following this, a half-day tour of…

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4 Days Burundi Waterfalls Safari

4 Days Burundi Waterfalls Safari

This safari package encompasses a 4 Days Burundi Waterfalls Safari, featuring Waterfalls Safaris, a visit to the Source of the Nile, a City Tour.

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3 Days Burundi Safari

3 Days Burundi Safari Tour

Embark on a captivating 3 Days Lake Tanganyika and River Nile Safari Tour in Burundi, immersing yourself in the enchanting landscapes and cultural.

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Ruvubu Kibira National Park Safari

3 Days Kibira National Park Safari

Embark on an immersive 3 Days Kibira National Park Safari Chimpanzee Tracking Tour in Burundi, a journey that unfolds at the pinnacle of the Zaire Nile.

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3 Days Burundi Wildlife Safari

3 Days Burundi Wildlife Safari Tour

Embark on a captivating 3 Days Burundi Wildlife Safari Tour, beginning with your arrival at Bujumbura Airport. Your adventure unfolds with a journey towards.

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Where to Spot Wildlife on Safaris in Burundi?

Renowned as a prime destination for wildlife spotting and visits to Lake Tanganyika in the Great Rift Valley, the Republic of Burundi offers a diverse range of safari experiences. Primate safaris unfold in Kibira National Park, an extension of Rwanda’s Nyungwe Forest National Park, and the remarkable Kahuzi Biega. Wildlife enthusiasts can explore Rusizi National Park and Ruvubu National Park, where chimpanzees and bird-watching take center stage.

Book a tailored Burundi Safaris Tour for a chance to enjoy chimpanzee tracking, wildlife observation, and nature walks in the famous Kibira Forest National Park, with opportunities to explore the serene beaches of Lake Tanganyika. Officially known as the Republic of Burundi, this landlocked gem is nestled in the Great Lakes region of Eastern Africa, sharing borders with Rwanda, Tanzania, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Despite its size of just under 28,000 km², Burundi boasts a rich cultural and natural tapestry, with its capital city being Bujumbura and a significant portion of its southwestern border hugging the picturesque Lake Tanganyika.

Where to Go for Burundi Safaris Tour?

Burundi’s tribes, including the Twa, Tutsi, and Hutu peoples, have shaped the country’s history for over five centuries. Governed as a kingdom by the Tutsi for more than two hundred years, Burundi has evolved into a haven for safari enthusiasts. The country’s safari attractions beckon travelers with a multitude of experiences, including the vibrant Bujumbura City, the lush Kibira National Park, the diverse Ruvubu National Park, the scenic Rusizi River National Park, the pristine Lake Tanganyika in Bujumbura, the mesmerizing Gishora Drummers, the informative Gitega National Museum, the majestic Mount Heha, the idyllic Saga Beach, the enchanting Kigwena Natural Forest, and the tranquil Lake Rwihinda Natural Reserve. Burundi invites you to explore its wonders and create lasting memories on an unforgettable safari holiday.

Travel to the ‘Heart of Africa

Embark on an enriching journey to explore the heart of Africa during your Burundi safaris and tours. Affectionately known as the ‘Heart of Africa,’ Burundi is a country of remarkable significance, marked by its geographical map that resembles a human heart. Nestled in the Great Lakes region, Burundi is bordered by the Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania, and Rwanda, showcasing its extraordinary location at the approximate center of the continent.

Despite its relatively modest size, Burundi is adorned with a myriad of mountains and hills, offering breathtaking views of Lake Tanganyika. This remarkable lake, estimated to be the second-largest freshwater lake in the world by volume, stands as the deepest lake in Africa and the second deepest globally, second only to Lake Baikal in Siberia.

Adventure beyond Stunning Landscapes in Burundi

Beyond its stunning landscapes, Burundi boasts a nature of remarkable richness and diversity, complemented by the warmth and hospitality of its natives. The people of Burundi are known for their welcoming and generous spirit, contributing to the country’s incredible cultural heritage. While not expansive in size, Burundi’s landscapes are among the most diverse in Africa, featuring savanna plains, rainforests, and undulating hills and plateaux adorned with eucalyptus trees and banana plantations. To the east, the mountains are adorned with tea and coffee fields, adding to the picturesque scenery.

Nature enthusiasts can immerse themselves in the vast wilderness of Burundi by exploring various national parks and wildlife reserves. The Kibira Forest, Rumonge Nature Reserve (located 75 km from the capital), and the renowned Ruvubu Reserve showcase the country’s rich fauna and flora. As you embark on a Burundi safaris tour, don’t miss the opportunity to journey to Rutovu, located 115 km from the capital, Bujumbura, to explore the source of the legendary Nile, adding an extra layer of intrigue and adventure to your African experience.

When is the Best Time for Burundi Safaris?

The optimal time to visit Burundi during your safaris tour is influenced by the country’s climate, and tours can be undertaken throughout the year. However, understanding the seasons can help you plan your visit more effectively.

Burundi experiences two main seasons: summer and winter. Summer is characterized by higher temperatures, reaching up to 32 degrees Celsius, while winter sees cooler temperatures, dropping to around 15 degrees Celsius. Despite being an equatorial country, Burundi’s altitude contributes to a moderate climate.

For those who prefer warmer weather and are comfortable with higher temperatures, the summer months may be more suitable. On the other hand, if you enjoy milder temperatures, winter might be a preferable time to plan your visit.

Whether you choose to visit during the warmer or cooler months, Deks Tours is available to assist you in designing the best Burundi Safaris tour packages for your preferences. The travel experts at Deks Tours can help you tailor your Burundi safaris tour based on your interests, travel companions, schedule, and budget. Whether you prefer a scheduled tour package or a customized Burundi safaris tour itinerary, Deks Tours offers a variety of options to ensure a memorable and personalized experience in this captivating African safari destination.

Where to Go for Burundi Safaris Tour?

Burundi, located in East Africa, is a small but beautiful country with diverse landscapes, wildlife, and cultural attractions. While it may not be as popular as some other safaris tour destinations in the region, Burundi offers unique experiences for those looking to explore its natural beauty.

When planning a Burundi safaris tour, it’s advisable to work with Deks Tours that specialize in East African safaris. They can help you customize your itinerary, provide guides with local knowledge, and ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Additionally, always check travel advisories and safety conditions before planning your trip, and consider the best time to visit based on weather conditions and wildlife activity.

When Planning A Safaris Tour In Burundi, Consider The Following Options?

  1. Karera Waterfalls
  2. Kibira National Park
  3. Visiting Lake Tanganyika
  4. Royal Drummers of Burundi
  5. Rusizi National Park
  6. Ruvubu National Park
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