Uganda Safari Village Tours and Africa Tour

Deks Safaris & Tours Africa encourages travelers to visit the locals in the area. This is a way to contribute to the income of the local population. This benefits both travelers and the community as it allows travelers to experience guided village tours, appreciate people’s daily lives, and enjoy sharing homes with visitors.

Whether you spend days on village tours, spend hours doing odd jobs, or attend a local school, you can request village tour activities to add to your Uganda safari itinerary. We want to develop their communities that contribute to conservation because local people can earn directly from “tourist dollars” and protect the nature they benefit from.

Village Tours

Kidepo Valley National Park Community Tours

Visit Your Local School/Health Center

Local schools and health centers can be visited. At school/health center it may take 1-3 hours depending on what you attend. You can bring things to hand out to people, such as teaching materials and balls. If this is part of your itinerary, we recommend that you bring something with your students or as a donation to a school or health center.

Village Walk on Africa Tours

This allows you to place villages, waterfalls, local gin distilleries, demonstration sites for the production of banana beer, or, if located in traditional healers, tea/coffee plantations (tea/coffee experience) in various locations of the village Guide to stop Tours Sites and bird watching, music and shows in the village.

These Africa tours are relaxing and allow you to get in touch with the village. This type of walk can take up to 3 hours depending on the attractions and activities. However, visitors are free to choose sites of particular interest or to take shorter routes.

Stay At Home

With more time and interest to immerse yourself in the local culture and tours of the villages you visit, you can choose a few days to be with your local family. You will have the opportunity to participate in your family’s daily activities and to eat traditional and adapted foods.


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