Sport Fishing in Akagera National Park Rwanda

Akagera national park is located in Eastern Rwanda along the International border with Tanzania and was founded in 1934.  It includes montane, swamp, and savannah habitats. In 1957, black rhinos were introduced from Tanzania, and again during the 1970s, more than 50 black rhinos lived in the savannah habitat of the park.

A lot of activities take place in Akagera Park including game viewing, bird watching, cultural encounters with the neighboring communities, Boat rides on Lake Ihema, coffee tours, and sport fishing among others.  In 2010, the park was put under the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) for management hence increasing self-sustainability.

Giraffes in Akagera National Park

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Sport Fishing in Akagera National Park Rwanda

This is one of the major tourist activities taking place at Akagera national park. This is carried out on Lake Shakuni, one of the largest lakes in the park and during this sport adventure, you can catch different fish for example tilapia and catfish. This is done by the use of modern fishing methods like the use of gillnets, shooting, spearing, use of fish nets, and hooks among others.

Remember that this is a sports activity because after catching the fish, you release it back into the water immediately. Tourists are advised to carry their fishing equipment so as to enjoy this great adventure and for one to participate in this activity, they should be from 12 years and above.

Permit cost

Adults who are interested to take part in the fishing activity pay USD25 and children from 6 to 12 years of age pay USD15. This activity should be arranged at least 6 months before the activity is done so as to avoid any inconveniences.

Other Things to Do in Akagera National Park

Boat Safaris

This boat safari on Lake Ihema is more rewarding because the tourist gets close to nature as well as views the abundant hippo populations and crocodiles resting on the lake shores. This safari also provides a good view for taking clear photographs.


Akagera national park boasts 480 bird species of which 100 bird species are not found anywhere else in Rwanda’s national parks. The most notable birds in the park include the African Fish Eagle, squacco heron, African jacana, African harrier hawk, shoebill stork, swamp flycatcher, marabou stork, and grey crowned cranes among others. The shoe bill stork is the most sought bird in Akagera Park.

Akagera National Park

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Lake Ihema and Lake Shakani are both found in Akagera national park and most visitors who are interested in a fishing trip use this opportunity. The beautiful views of the lake as well as the sights and sounds of hippos and birds around make this an unforgettable experience.

Cultural Encounter in Akagera National Park

A trip to Akagera Park is always considered incomplete without a visit to the local community neighboring the park. A visit to the community helps tourists learn about the different lifestyles of the people of Rwanda as well as participate in the daily activities of these local people for example milking cows and preparing a traditional meal.

Nature walks

This hiking adventure gives the tourist the opportunity to get close to nature as well as view the beautiful scenery of the area. This also offers a great chance to spot different birds and animals during the hike as well as butterflies.

Lion Tracking

Lion tracking in Rwanda

Accessibility to Akagera National Park

Tourists flying in can first land at Kigali International Airport before embarking on the journey to Akagera national park by car driving through the towns of Kayonza, and Kabarondo then to Rwinkwanvu as you enter the park at a distance of 98kilometres. Book your trip with us to Akagera Park to enjoy this great adventure.

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