Adventure the King’s Palace Museum

King’s Palace Museum is Situated in Nyanza ya Butare district, presently known as Huye, this history-laden site was constructed in 1932. It is traditional stead with an unmistakable tinge of modernism to it, and a blend of these makes this place a must-visit place for all tour enthusiast

According to, it is a reconstruction of the traditional royal residence, and the King’s palace is a beautifully crafted thatched dwelling shaped like a beehive

This ethnographic museum encapsulates a great deal of Rwandan monarchial history; which sort of rule was abolished after Rwanda’s independence from their colonial masters. In its backyard, the cattle that formerly belonged to the monarchy are tended to, and their lineage has been maintained even after the abolishment of the kingdom that rewarded them as a great source of prestige

These cattle, which have a striking resemblance plus some genes of the famous Ankole long-horned cattle of Uganda, have one intriguing attribute. From the time they are mere calves, they are nurtured to listen to the voice of their herdsmen, and these sing them soothing songs and take care of them like the precious jewels they are.

While at the King’s Palace Museum, therefore, one gets to experience all the aforementioned plus some royal regalia like the symbol of power, mats, and chairs, all made in a peculiar way

King’s Palace Museum

King’s Palace Museum

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