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There are four subspecies of chimpanzees in Africa offering great chimpanzee tracking safaris tour experiences in Tanzania, Uganda, and Rwanda for East African travelers. All these great primates are threatened by habitat loss in the tropical rain forests of Africa. A subspecies is found in western Tanzania on the shores of incredibly beautiful Lake Tanganyika. Tanzania is considered the most biodiverse area in Africa with 27 primate species, a third of which are found nowhere else in our natural world.

The most vulnerable primate is the tree-dwelling chestnut kipunji with furry sideburns like poodle ears, an entirely new genus first discovered in 2003 on Mount Rungwe, located in Jozani Forest. Other colobus monkeys, black with white fur or black and white with red wigs, are more common. Dog-faced, tail-raised, olive baboons are commonly seen on wildlife safari holidays in Tanzania, and nocturnal round-eyed monkeys often visit the camps.

The most popular Chimpanzee tracking safaris in Tanzania with Deks Safaris take place in Gombe and Mahale, sites of intensive study of chimpanzees, humanity’s closest living genetic relatives with 9598% shared DNA. However, the differences between apes and humans are vast, like using the same blocks of DNA to build very different structures, like comparing a brick wall to a palace.

Chimpanzee Tracking in Tanzania

Chimpanzee Tracking in Tanzania

Research by Dr. Jane Goodall About Chimpanzees in Tanzania

Dame Jane Goodall studied a group of more than 60 chimpanzees, the Kasakela community, seen on a chimpanzee tracking safaris tour in Gombe Stream National Park Tanzania. Where she has established a research center. She watched their evolution over half a century and discovered that they used tools, ate meat, communicated with complicated phone calls, and had an interactive social hierarchy.

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With strict rules protecting the more than 100 resident chimpanzees, who are vulnerable to human infection, visitors over the age of 15 can watch community interactions of the Chimpanzees for up to an hour a day on a Gombe Chimpanzee tracking and walking safaris tour in Tanzania. Mahale Mountains National Park is a larger and more rugged primate wilderness for chimpanzee tracking safaris in Tanzania. It is home to more than 800 chimpanzees and many other primates.

Only one group is used to people, while the rest are very shy. First contact, after scaling steep mountain trails to find them, is usually heralded by a chorus of freezing cries from the treetops, before encountering a social group of several dozen playing, nursing their babies, and merging in a lucid, where you can see her cleaning from a distance of at least 10 meters.

Chimpanzees have also been reintroduced to Rubondo Island in Lake Victoria in northern Tanzania, but they are quite elusive. Deks Safaris organizes exceptional safaris to track the chimpanzees. These can be deluxe or luxurious and can be combined with idyllic beach and mountain resorts as desired to offer you the best of all possible East African holiday experiences.

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