Kenya Private Safari Holidays – Experience Kenya’s Pioneer Private Conservancies

Much of Kenya’s success in protecting fauna and its wilderness is due to the private conservancies that border national parks and reserves and these offer exciting private Kenya safari holidays to many travelers. The conservancies encompass vital habitats and migration paths that would otherwise be lost. As a guest of Deks Africa Safaris & Tours, you have access to inimitable Kenya safaris tour holiday experiences that are available only in these private conservancies. The possibilities are almost endless in what you may discover.

The conservancies that surround Masai Mara take you into remote areas of the ecosystem with a limited number of camps and guest vehicles. Venture out under the cover of darkness to watch a pride of lions feast upon their night kill, and watch the delightful antics of bushbabies in a wooded outback. Walk with a Maasai warrior through the bush to locate signs of animal activity, such as scat, tracks, carcasses, and slumbering areas. As you engage in the tiny world of blossoms and insects, you listen to ancient folklore and learn the medicinal uses of plants.

You can even hike to a secluded location in a conservancy and fly camp amidst the wildlife and wilderness, or float above the plains in a hot air balloon! Your adventurous exploration of the Kenya safari holidays tour continues at private conservancies in Laikipia, from Lewa in the east to Mugie in the north. Imagine delving into the Kenyan outback on horseback or while riding a camel. See the flora, wildlife, and terrain from the seat of a bi-plane, and take a helicopter ride to an isolated location to camp overnight!

If you feel the need to maintain your physical fitness, you can mountain bike across the savannah where giraffes, elephants, zebras, rhinos, varied antelopes and other animals graze and forage. For even more action-packed excitement, you can trek up Mount Kenya and quad bike in Borana Conservancy! Your Deks Africa Safaris & tour representative can tell you even more of the many exceptional Kenya safaris tour experiences that await you in Kenya’s private conservancies!

Private Kenya Safari Holiday

Private Kenya Safari Holiday

Luxury Kenya Safari Holidays | Best Time for Luxury Kenya Safari Holidays? Deks Safaris

Authentic five-star dining on exquisite china, sipping chateau wine from sparkling crystal glasses, glittering chandeliers, extravagant beds, exceptional service, soothing spa treatments, and exotic locations – these are just some of the qualities of luxury accommodations around the world. The African bush might seem like an unlikely place for this level of elegance and sophistication, but believe it or not, Luxury Kenya Safari holidays offer so much more! From classic jungle camps outside of Africa, elegant lodge accommodation, or private sea island getaways, nowhere else in the world will you find a better premium destination than Kenya’s diverse and dense wildlife experiences combined with friendly and welcoming service.

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Where to go for Luxury Kenya Safari Holidays? – Deks Safaris

Laikipia’s Chyulu Hills and Loisaba

Sleep in rustic, luxurious star beds to the muffled sounds of wildlife while counting the endless stars in the African sky in Laikipia’s Chyulu Hills and Loisaba. These experiences and more await you on a luxury safari from Deks Safaris, where true wilderness and opulence come together seamlessly.

Our Luxury Kenya Safari Holidays cater to our most discerning guests who want the ultimate in privacy and exclusivity. Every aspect of your journey to inland Africa is synonymous with magnificence, unparalleled comfort, and first-class amenities, from private jets for international arrivals to safari charters, impeccable personal service, sumptuous linens and pillows, sumptuous cuisine, and a sense of utter solitude some of the most spectacular and precious natural landscapes of the world.

Our boutique African safaris can be customized to meet the needs of families, couples, solo travelers, small groups, and honeymooners. No detail is overlooked and we pride ourselves on exceeding your every expectation, down to the smallest detail, from your preference for brown sugar and organic milk for your tea or coffee to your evening cocktail selection.

Masai Mara National Reserve – Luxury Kenya Safari holidays

Waking each morning to the sights and sounds of the world-famous Masai Mara National Reserve is part of the ecology of the Northern Serengeti. This location is a premier wildlife destination to view the natural events of the Great Migration of over a million wildebeest and thousands of zebra, antelope, and gazelle. 1920s Cottar’s Camp, located on a private nature reserve, takes you back in time to witness nature’s incredible will to survive through the eyes of early explorers.

With just ten large tents set amidst 6000 acres of private wilderness, you simply couldn’t find a better game viewing base in East Africa in the southern reaches of the Masai Mara. Each ensuite tent wraps you in a rejuvenating color palette of warm wood tones, bright white, off-white, and other earth tones.

Its opulent African Luxury Safari holidays in Kenya at Cottar’s 1920s Camp and similar premier boutique camps let you immerse yourself in the Kenyan hinterland from both the comfort of your tent and your private patio. Families wanting a private, luxurious, home-from-home experience can stay at Cottars Private Homestead.

Best Time for Luxury Kenya Safari Holidays?

Best Time for Luxury Kenya Safari Holidays?

Mara North Conservancy

The Mara North Conservancy shares and borders the same ecosystem as the Masai Mara National Reserve, but staying in a private conservancy gives you a wider choice of activities to explore the habitats and wildlife. Forgoing the public reserve, however, does not mean that a luxury safari holiday in Kenya is out of reach.

Ngare Serian offers an intimate retreat for your exclusive jungle experience. Staying in a 4,000-acre private wildlife sanctuary with Deks Safaris ensures your privacy and gives you access to a pristine wilderness free from the crowds that exist in the public wildlife sanctuary. You’ll also see parts of Kenya that few like.

Gilded hardwood floors create a warm glow in each of the four guest tents along with the adjacent sunken stone bathroom, all enhanced by rich brown and jewel tones that create sophisticated and unexpected elegance. Other luxury camps in Masai Mara are Mara Plains Camp, Mahali Mzuri, Olare Mara Kempinski, and some others.

Chyulu Hills National Park – Luxury Kenya Safari holidays

In the southeastern expanses of Kenya, Wild and Free describes the experience of Ol Donyo Lodge, located on a 275,000-acre private group ranch near Chyulu Hills National Park. The crimson blooms of glowing poker trees contrast with ebony black lava flows to create a mysterious and intriguing landscape.

The 10-suite lodge is nestled against a densely forested hillside to immerse you in the lush splendor of the landscape, which includes the mighty snow-capped peak of Mount Kilimanjaro in the distance. Spend your nights under the dark African sky in a ‘star bed’, refresh your body, mind, and spirit in the calm waters of a plunge pool, and indulge in a hot soak while gazing out over the savannah plains and telling stories to you. . a campfire at night.

Segera Retreat

Escape to the luxurious arms of Africa in northern Kenya at Segera Retreat, where Somali ostrich, Grevy’s zebra, Beisa oryx, and elephant will join you for grand Luxury Kenya safari holidays. Surrounded by the breathtaking interior of downtown Laikipia, this magnificent retreat is set in landscaped gardens and offers views of Mount Kenya.

Brick walkways meander through lush gardens filled with native plants and colorful flowers. Charming log villas and thatched roofs nestled in the greenery, give you a fairytale experience. The luxurious decor features soothing neutral tones, rich woods, and a divine outdoor tub for soaking under the stars.

Samburu National Reserve

In the neighboring northeast, the tranquility of the Samburu National Reserve and some coastal Swahili architecture are Sasaab’s boutique inspirations. The nine-bedroom chalet-style tents are perched high on a hillside overlooking the life-giving Ewaso Nyiro River. Exclusivity and privacy amidst the Kenyan bush are guaranteed as Sasaab is the only lodge in this rugged expanse of north western Samburu.

The spacious canvas roofed room measures 100 square meters and features an open-air bathroom, private pool, and distant views of the Northern Frontier highlands, where a wild breeze keeps comfort. Indulgence and pampering are part of daily revelry with treatments at the Saab Spa. Go beyond the rich confines of the camp and discover a world of whimsical tribal cultures, free-roaming wildlife, and breathtaking landscapes.

Explore your surroundings by riding a camel, hiking, flying, camping, or simply contemplating the clear and later starry skies over magical Kenya. These are just some of the authentic and thriving travel experiences possible with Deks Safaris in the contrasting lands of the cradle of mankind – Kenya!

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