Kenya Cultural Tours – Enlightening & Experiential Experiences with Kenya’s Fascinating Cultures

Cultural Tours in Kenya give you up close and personal experiences with the Maasai, Samburu, Swahili, Turkana, Pokot, El Molo, Rendille, and other tribal people. Deks Africa Safaris & Tours arrange authentic village visits that go beyond mere scripted Kenya safaris! You actually participate in the traditions and ceremonies of native tribes.

Imagine being invited to a real Maasai wedding, into a Swahili family home in Lamu to help prepare a coastal meal and visit with Samburu village women while they show you how to make intricately beaded chokers.

Closely related to the Maasai, the Samburu live in northern Kenya around the foothills of the Koito For-Ololokwe Mountains in the SamburuShaba, and Buffalo Springs wilderness.

The pastoral setting and semi-nomadic lifestyle provide an untainted wilderness to live side by side with animals. A seaside holiday in eastern Kenya safaris tour is an opportunity to interact with the Swahili people.

The narrow streets in the coastal islands of Lamu are filled with the melodious sounds of traditional Swahili music, known as “Taarab.” As you wander the streets, you find many signs of the Swahili culture in the architectural details.

Take time to ask vendors in the small markets the story behind their artistic wares, as Swahili people use arts and crafts as a means of self-expression. As natives, Deks Africa Safaris & Tours can offer many more insights into Kenya’s fascinating cultures and arrange activities to give you an intimate and deep understanding of these and other ancient people.

Maasai People Cultural Tours Kenya

Maasai People Cultural Tours Kenya