The Great Rift Valley Viewpoint – And Lake Nakuru National Park

The Great Rift Valley in Lake Nakuru National Park is a series of contiguous geographic trenches across the Middle East and Africa from Jordan to Mozambique. The outstanding view, as you approach Nairobi, is quite unbelievable.

The ground unexpectedly disappears from under you, extending to thousands of kilometers in either direction. An excellent starter to the Kenyan Rift Valley, it may appear, is the most amazing part of this experience- as it sinks deeper to explore the lake system of the Rift!

The Great Rift Valley Viewpoint is always a perfect place to stop by, stretch and take vivid pictures. Here, you can watch the enthralling Rift Valley with its vast vegetation and the sun rays kissing the far and wide.

The stretching mountains in the vicinity meet the foreseeable edges of the land, giving the feeling of an abstract painting. There are a number of lakes around the viewpoint and these are Baringo, Bagoria, Nakuru, Elementaita, and Naivasha.

They are all unique and support a staggeringly large proportion of Kenya’s Wildlife. The saline Bagoria is sometimes home to huge flocks of the lesser flamingo and contains more true geysers than any other area of Equal size in the world.

This place is known for hiking, trekking, game viewing, photography, guided walks around the crater lakes, picnic lunches, bird watching, golfing, and community visits.

The Great Rift Valley is indeed a wonder of the world. It stretches from the Middle East and passes through Africa. It has a great and vast chunk in East Africa, and it ends in Mozambique in the South.

Lake Nakuru National Park

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