Tsavo East National Park – All You Need To Know Before You Go (with Photos & Videos)

All you need you to know about Tsavo East National Park before you go for a Kenya safari. Check out Kenya safari photos and exclusive videos while on game drives. Tsavo East National Park is one of the oldest and largest national parks in Kenya, located in the southeastern part of the country. It is part of the larger Tsavo Conservation Area, which also includes Tsavo West National Park and Chyulu Hills National Park.

This Tsavo East National Park offers visitors the opportunity to experience the natural beauty of Kenya and encounter a wide range of wildlife in their natural habitat. It’s an important conservation area contributing to the protection of East Africa’s diverse ecosystems.

The Park covers an area of about 13,747 square kilometers, making it one of the largest national parks in Kenya and in East Africa. It is situated in the eastern part of Kenya, close to the town of Voi in Taita-Taveta County.

It is known for its large population of red elephants, which are often covered in red dust from the park’s soil.

Tsavo East National Park

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Location of Tsavo East National Park

Tsavo East National Park is located in the southeastern part of Kenya. It is part of the larger Tsavo Conservation Area, along with Tsavo West National Park and Chyulu Hills National Park. The geographical coordinates for the park’s main gate, near the town of Voi, are approximately:

  • Latitude: -3.3983
  • Longitude: 38.5551

The park is easily accessible by road from major cities such as Nairobi and Mombasa. Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya, is to the northwest of Tsavo East, while Mombasa, a coastal city, is to the southeast. The park’s location in the eastern part of the country contributes to its diverse landscapes and ecosystems.

Tsavo East National Park

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Safari Attractions in Tsavo East National Park

Tsavo East National Park, being a significant wildlife conservation area in Kenya, offers a variety of safari attractions that draw visitors from around the world. Remember that while enjoying these attractions, it’s crucial to adhere to ethical wildlife viewing practices and park regulations to ensure the conservation of this natural habitat. Always prioritize the well-being of the animals and the preservation of the ecosystem.

  1. Wildlife Viewing
  2. Bird Watching
  3. Lugard Falls
  4. Mudanda Rock
  5. Aruba Dam
  6. Yatta Plateau
  7. Tsavo River and Galana River
  8. Photography Opportunities
Tsavo East National Park

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Safari Activities in Tsavo East National Park

Tsavo East National Park offers a range of safari activities that allow visitors to immerse themselves in the natural beauty and wildlife of the area. Before engaging in any safari activity, it’s essential to check with the park authorities, follow the guidelines provided by your tour operator, and prioritize the safety of both visitors and wildlife. Respecting the natural environment and wildlife ensures a sustainable and enjoyable safari experience.

Game drives are the most common and popular safari activity in Tsavo East. Visitors can explore the park in safari vehicles, accompanied by experienced guides. The early morning and late afternoon game drives are particularly rewarding, as many animals are active during these times.

Tsavo East is a haven for bird enthusiasts. Bird watching is a rewarding activity, with numerous bird species to be spotted, including raptors, water birds, weavers, and many more. Bring a pair of binoculars to enhance your birding experience.

  1. Game Drives
  2. Bird Watching
  3. Guided Nature Walks
  4. Cultural Visits
  5. Photography Safaris
  6. Balloon Safaris
  7. Camping
  8. Fishing
  9. Sunset and Sundowner Safaris
Tsavo East National Park

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Where to Stay in Tsavo East National Park?

Tsavo East Park offers various accommodation options, including lodges, camps, and tented camps, providing visitors with a range of choices to suit different preferences and budgets.

When planning a stay in Tsavo East National Park, it’s advisable to book accommodations in advance, especially during peak seasons. Additionally, the choice of accommodation depends on individual preferences, budget considerations, and the type of safari experience you are looking for.

10 Popular Places to Stay in Tsavo East National Park

  1. Ashnil Aruba Lodge
  2. Voi Safari Lodge
  3. Satao Camp
  4. Galdessa Camp
  5. Aruba Ashnil Camp
  6. Epiya Chapeyu Tented Safari Camp
  7. Manyatta Camp
  8. Man Eaters Camp
  9. Lion Hill Camp
  10. Sentrim Tsavo East Camp
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11 Days East Africa Safari

How to Get to Tsavo East National Park?

Getting to Tsavo East Park typically involves traveling by road or air, and the mode of transportation depends on your starting point. The park is located in southeastern Kenya, and the main gate is near the town of Voi. Always check for the most up-to-date information regarding routes, road conditions, and travel options before embarking on your journey to Tsavo East National Park.

By Road

From Nairobi

  • Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya and is approximately 330 kilometers northwest of Tsavo East National Park.
  • The journey by road takes about 4 to 6 hours, depending on traffic and road conditions.
  • You can take the Nairobi-Mombasa highway (A109) and then head southeast towards Voi.

From Mombasa

  • Mombasa is a coastal city located to the southeast of Tsavo East Park.
  • The distance is around 170 kilometers, and the drive takes about 2 to 3 hours.
  • Take the Nairobi-Mombasa highway (A109) heading northwest towards Voi.

By Public Transport

  • Public buses and matatus (shared minivans) operate between major towns and cities, including Nairobi and Mombasa, to Voi, the nearest town to Tsavo East National Park.
  • Once in Voi, you can arrange for a safari vehicle to take you into the park.

By Air

  1. Charter Flights
    • Some visitors choose to fly into one of the airstrips within or near Tsavo East National Park. This is often arranged through charter flights.
    • A number of lodges and camps within the park have airstrips, providing convenient access.
  2. Commercial Flights
    • The nearest major airport to Tsavo East is Moi International Airport in Mombasa.
    • From Mombasa, you can then travel by road to Voi and into the park.
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11 Days East Africa Safari

Best Time to Visit Tsavo East National Park

The best time to visit Tsavo East National Park depends on your specific preferences and interests, as well as the type of wildlife experiences you’re seeking. It’s essential to note that wildlife can be spotted in Tsavo East Park throughout the year, but the overall experience may vary depending on the season. Before planning your visit, consider your priorities, such as wildlife viewing, bird watching, or a balance of both, and check the current weather conditions for the specific time you plan to travel.

Dry Season (June to October)

  • This is considered the best time for wildlife viewing in Tsavo East. The vegetation is thinner, and animals gather around water sources, making them easier to spot.
  • The weather is generally dry, with cooler temperatures, making it a comfortable time to explore the park.
  • Wildlife congregates around permanent water sources, such as rivers and waterholes, increasing the chances of seeing a variety of species.

Wet Season (November to May)

  • The wet season in Tsavo East is characterized by sporadic rainfall, with the peak of the rains typically occurring from March to May.
  • While the landscape becomes lush and green, the increased vegetation can make it more challenging to spot wildlife.
  • The wet season is a good time for bird watching, as migratory birds are often present.
  • The early months of the wet season (November to December) and the latter part (late March to May) are usually less crowded with tourists.

Bird-Watching Season

  • Bird enthusiasts may find the wet season, especially during the months of November to April, to be particularly rewarding for bird watching.
  • Migratory birds are present during this time, adding to the park’s already diverse bird population.
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11 Days East Africa Safari

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