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At the heart of your wedding is a true sense of romance and intimacy on which to build your life together. When looking for locations for your wedding ceremony, you may be drawn to more exotic locations that will make your wedding safaris tour stand out from all the rest. The savannah plains of Kenya offer you exactly the type of wedding safaris tour you desire! Kenya is more than just a great honeymoon safari destination. The people, wildlife, and landscapes of Kenya are the perfect place to share your commitment, devotion, and undying love. An adventurous wedding safaris tour of Kenya will also bring out your inner explorer and awaken a child’s natural curiosity.

Choose your wedding safaris tour location from some of Kenya’s best national parks and reserves including Masai Mara, Samburu, Amboseli, Tsavo East, Lake Naivasha, and Laikipia. When the day comes, you awake to a golden sunrise that bathes the grassy plains in glorious light. Elephants, giraffes, buffalo, zebras, impalas, and other herbivores slowly make their way to the waterholes, making low growls and other noises to communicate with each other in the herds. Majestic lions, stealthy leopards, opportunistic hyenas, spotted cheetahs, and other carnivores keep a close eye on prey, waiting for an opportunity to gather food for their families.

Ultimate Kenya Wedding Safaris Tour Packages Combined with Wildlife Adventures

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More About Wedding Safaris to Kenya

You and your guests travel to the wedding venue where an area has been specially designed for you. Whether you want elegance with China and crystal arrangements under an acacia umbrella or a modest, rustic ceremony with safari chairs and cognac, your Kenya safari wedding at Deks Safaris will exceed your expectations!

Organizing an exotic wedding safaris tour in Kenya may seem like a daunting task, but we’re here to help! Deks Safaris specializes in honeymoon safaris in Kenya, so you don’t have to worry about the big or small details. We host intimate gatherings, large multi-day weddings, and everything in between. We can even organize a traditional East African wedding ceremony reflecting that of the Maasai or Samburu tribe!

We have carefully selected accommodations to suit all tastes to ensure your wedding night is delicate, tranquil, and private. Your camp or lodge will have few guests so you can enjoy personal service and no crowds. We can also arrange accommodation that offers maximum seclusion in the middle of the Kenyan bush, but you should expect to pay more for this type of accommodation.

Your Kenya wedding safaris planner will also arrange all your additional post-wedding safari activities, including game drives, village tours, hand-in-hand nature walks, and even a sensational hot air balloon safari. Hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, camel safaris, mountain trekking, bush walks, and much more can all be included in your itinerary. We also recommend escaping to the Kenyan coast for your honeymoon, where white sandy beaches meet the sparkling azure waters of the Indian Ocean.

Kenya Wedding Safaris

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Legal requirements for wedding Holidays in Kenya – Deks

Wedding safaris in Kenya are not only fabulous, the ceremonies are relatively informal but perfectly coordinated with the right preparation under the expert guidance of a Deks Safaris wedding planner. Just like in other parts of the world, having a wedding safaris tour in Kenya requires you to abide by the rules and register properly with the authorities. You should start this process well in advance of the ceremony and we recommend at least six weeks before your wedding day. You must scan copies of the following documents by fax or email before your arrival and take the originals with you.

  • Provide the Kenyan Registrar with the full name, address, religious preference/belief system/faith, and occupation of the bride and groom
  • Certified copies of valid passports, proof of name changes by deed poll, birth certificates, and divorce decree(s) if the bride and/or groom were previously married
  • Written confirmation from a legal entity e.g., a church, registry office in the country of origin, or doctor confirming that neither the bride nor groom are currently married
Kenya Wedding Safaris

Romantic Wedding at the Beach – Coastal Line

Written parental consent to marriage for minors under the age of 18

In addition, Deks Safaris will send one week before the wedding a formal written request to the registrar asking to hold the ceremony on your preferred date. The bride and groom must sign the letter. We also recommend that you arrive at least five working days before your wedding date. Only select wedding safaris tour destinations and lodges in Kenya are well equipped for safari weddings, so we recommend your options to help you plan within your budget. Sites may include national parks or other protected areas such as B. a private nature reserve in Laikipia or the Masai Mara.

Wedding safaris in Kenya include many traditional elements, such as a bridal bouquet. You can choose a round or teardrop bouquet of beautiful fresh carnations, anthuriums, roses, seasonal lilies, lisianthus, and other lovely delicate touches. We can even hire a makeup artist and hairstylist for you and your wedding party, as well as spa treatments. Other details we organize are music, videography, photography, traditional Maasai wedding dances, elder blessings, and chanting ceremonies.

Get ready for the big day with an intimate and private candlelit dinner surrounded by pristine nature and roaring wildlife. Arrangements can also include a reception banquet, holiday accommodation for your family and friends, transport from your accommodation to the wedding venue, a divinely decorated wedding cake, champagne, and much more! The perfect end to your wedding ceremony is your African honeymoon on the beaches of the Indian Ocean.

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